Most estheticians find work at either local spas or by running their own business. However, some of the more experienced ones also turn back to the education industry where they help train the next generation of estheticians!

Ever wonder what it’s like to work as an Esthetics Teacher at a beauty school like Modern College? We asked our own Aly Bitonte what a day in her life providing hands-on esthetician training is like.

Hi Aly. What are the top three elements that you most enjoy about your role as an esthetics instructor?

Being able to teach the services that I love performing is hands-down the best part of the job for me. As part of this process, I also enjoy being able to create individualized plans for each of my students to help ensure their success in the program and beyond.

While it might not be for everyone, I have to admit I also enjoy being the one to ensure that proper cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing procedures are followed here in our classrooms as well as imparted into our students for their own work.

Of course, being able to interact with clients and members of the community who come into our school either because they are curious about what goes on here or if they are looking for services is also very rewarding.

What are three things that you love about working with students training to become estheticians?

Number is discovering each student’s individual learning style. They’re all different and watching them thrive in their element is wonderful.

The second would be having the opportunity to watch the students grow. It’s always a progression where I’m able to see them gain confidence as they build their skills over time.

And third, seeing how they are always eager to learn. It’s so great seeing them get excited about every aspect of the industry for the first time.

What does your daily routine look like when providing esthetics training?

A good part of teaching is performing demonstrations of the services that the students are learning. There’s also the process of giving them constructive feedback as they perfect their own skills.

When not performing hands-on demonstrations, there are also times where we discuss the theoretical material or elaborate on techniques to further their understanding.

There’s a bit of administrative work, such as logging student attendance, creating documents to support them (such as exam setup lists, ingredients charts), and even proctoring their live exams.

There’s a lot of duties not specific to the classroom, but because we do hands-on training, a lot of the day is similar to working as an esthetician. There’s cleaning the spa, including doing laundry, disinfecting the equipment, replenishing the products, managing the appointment bookings, and even sometimes having to provide services to the public when students are absent.

Thank you Aly for sharing your thoughts and insights with us!

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