Student Success

CTSCCC and Modern College promote equitable access and opportunity in our communities, and inspire and help others to invest in themselves and their futures. 


Student Success advising is a developmental process which considers students’ academic needs and goals, interests, prior education, and previous workforce and life experience. Student Success Advisors (SSAs) promote positive student outcomes, program satisfaction based on student goals, and retention by referring students in need of additional resources. The primary objective is to assist students with making informed decisions concerning their educational goals. Additionally, once a student has started a program at our college, SSAs are available for students who are interested in counselling and assistance regarding career and vocational decisions.


Student Support Services:

  • Referrals to specialized support services
  • Guidance on college policies and procedures
  • Support transition to college life
  • Information on academic status, academic improvement and success plans
  • Transitioning to the workforce and local job availability


Student Success Advisors:

Manager Of Student Success/ North Bay Campus/ Distance Education Sudbury Campus /Sault Ste. Marie Campus Barrie Campus
Meagan Goodwin Lora Wahamaa Anna Winkelaar
Phone: (705) 495-1200 ext. 122 Phone: (705) 688-1200 ext. 215 Phone: (705) 725-8776 ext. 312
Email: Email: Email: