Thank you for considering Modern College for your educational journey. We’re excited that you’re taking the first steps toward new opportunities and the training needed for your dream career.

On the following page, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about applying and registering for our programs across our various campuses.

We’ve also prepared a separate guide on financial aid options that you can explore independently, although our advisors are also available to assist you through this process.

How do I register or get more information for a program at Modern College?

Registering at Modern College is a straightforward process guided by our admissions advisors from start to finish.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Submit an Inquiry: Start by indicating your program(s) and campus(es) of interest. You can do this by filling out our online inquiry form or contacting one of our campuses directly. This initiates the process.
  2. Admissions Advisor Contact: Once we receive your inquiry, one of our admissions advisors will promptly reach out to you via phone, text, and/or email to schedule an appointment. During this initial contact, they will answer your questions, explain the next steps, and discuss available financial aid options.

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What happens after submitting an inquiry to Modern College?

Our dedicated staff will ensure all your questions about our programs and campus are thoroughly addressed, helping you make an informed decision.

If you decide to proceed with enrollment, we’ll guide you through the enrollment process. At this stage, you’ll also meet with one of our Financial Aid advisors, who will explore scholarships, grants, and funding opportunities to help offset your tuition costs and assist with developing a payment plan.

Our team will finalize the necessary steps to ensure you’re well informed and prepared to start your studies at the next available class start date.

Feel free to reach out through our inquiry form to begin your journey with Modern College today!

Are there any application fees for any of the programs?

No, there are no application fees for applying to any of our programs at Modern College. You are welcome to apply to multiple programs across any of our campuses without any cost.

Does Modern College provide funding or financial assistance?

Absolutely! Modern College offers a variety of grants, scholarships, and other educational funding options tailored to support our students. Your specific circumstances will determine the opportunities available to you. For detailed information, please visit our financial aid page. We also recommend discussing your individual situation with one of our knowledgeable Financial Aid Office advisors who can assist you in maximizing your funding opportunities.

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