esthetic college

If you plan to pursue a career in esthetics, you will soon learn why a salon manicure generally lasts much longer than one that’s performed at home. Professionals are aware of several techniques that your everyday person is simply unexposed to. Just by following some of these basic procedures, experts are able to execute long-lasting manicures that are less prone to chipping.

Who Knew What a Toothbrush Could Do

Many people are unaware of the multiple uses for a toothbrush. While toothbrushes do a great job removing dirt and grime from teeth, esthetic school graduates know they can also do the same for your nails. Salon professionals might use a nail brush to remove any lingering residue from the nails before applying any polish – and the same results can be achieved at home by using a toothbrush!

It Really Is All About That Base (Coat)

Any certified manicurist knows that the best way to ensure nail polish does not chip quickly is to use a good basecoat and top coat. While a top coat mainly locks and seals in the polish, a base coat is actually responsible for various roles. The base coat contains vitamin E to prevent breakage, splitting and peeling, and also prevents staining (when dark colours are used), smoothes the nail’s surface and acts as an adhesive for the polish.

Hand Sanitizer: Kills Germs and Manicures

Many people use hand sanitizer several times a day to avoid the spread of germs. As many of us know, one of the main ingredients of hand sanitizer is alcohol. Though alcohol does, in fact, kill germs, esthetics professionals know that it also causes nail colour to fade and dull very easily. Salon experts normally recommend using a gentle anti-bacterial soap in lieu of hand sanitizer – this will help prolong the manicure and keep the nails looking salon-fresh.

Don’t Forget the Free Edge

Individuals who have earned their esthetic college diploma are privy to a very important polishing technique that most people seem to neglect. The life of a manicure can be substantially prolonged by simply applying the base coat, polish and top coat to the free edge of the nail! This is the part of the nail that has been clipped and filed. Sealing it will prevent the polish from chipping in this area.

Nail Polish Takes 12 Hours to Fully Dry

Anyone enrolled in esthetic courses understands how important it is to allow a fresh manicure to dry completely before being exposed to any heat. Experts know that it can take up to 12 hours for nail polish to fully dry and harden, and the interference of heat during that period of time can prevent the manicure from lasting as long as it should.

Which techniques do you use to ensure a long-lasting manicure?