Interprofessional Education (IPE) in Health Sciences Online Learning Module

Modern Hairstyling & Esthetics and Algonquin Careers Academy are partnering with several institutions across Canada  to offer a free online interprofessional education (IPE) course for students studying health sciences. Students will be provided the opportunity to experience team- and case-based approaches to master effective interprofessional collaboration. Research findings indicate the need for strong interprofessional collaboration and teamwork  to enhance health outcomes for patients.


This course is highly recommended for health science students who wish to do the following:

  • determine the value of interprofessional collaboration in the Canadian health care system;
  • learn how to effectively work in a diverse healthcare team;
  • engage in reflective practice that will lead to better judgments in various situations;
  • learn about the roles of different health professionals;
  • discover effective interprofessional conflict resolution skills;
  • gain necessary and effective knowledge and communication skills to be used in the clinical setting.


The course provides access to:

  • students from various health programs across Canada;
  • facilitators who are industry experts in various health-related professions;
  • online lessons and study materials;
  • an eight-week study schedule requiring no more than 2-3 hours of involvement per week.


Enrollment for the Interprofessional Collaboration for Health Providers course is full. Thank you for your interest. We will be offering the course again at a later date.

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