Where Does All My Money Go?

One movie, every Tuesday, for a year cost you $260.00/yr
One café latte, every school day, for eight months adds up to $400.00/yr
Order pizza, once a week, for a year that’s $780.00/yr
One case of beer, once a week, for a year equals $1440.00/yr
A $30.00 hair cut, once a month becomes $360.00/yr
A sub lunch, 3 times a week, for a year equals $360.00/yr
$3.00 cover charge, once a week, for a year costs you $156.00/yr

Budgeting Tips

  • Budgeting is the foundation of good financial planning.
  • It is your plan to achieve your goal.
  • It is a financial health habit.
  • Self-discipline puts you in control.
  • Bottom line: is your money where you need it when you need it?
  • Keep your budget current – revise it as fortunes change.
  • Review your budget monthly – are you on target?
  • When you subtract your expenses from your incoming money, does it balance?
  • What variable expenses can you reduce if necessary?
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