Campus Coordinator – Sudbury

Job Title Modern College Campus Coordinator
Department Management
Location Sudbury
Reports to President
Supervises Modern College Faculty

Job Summary

The Modern Campus Coordinator is responsible for the overall administration and management of their campus. This includes financial accountability, supervision of all matters relating to students, faculty, and Campus staff. The Campus Coordinator will strive to achieve the highest possible educational standards while ensuring the provision of relevant and up-to-date instruction for the students. The campus coordinator is also responsible to perform duties as an instructor of one of the programs offered at the College.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Ensure that the campus has qualified faculty to instruct the students and adhering to the MAESD
  • Supervise instruction on the campus as well as guiding and directing the instructors to maintain the highest standard of instruction
  • Ensure students are being taught in accordance with approved curriculum
  • Foster an environment of co-operation and co-ordination among instructional staff
  • Conduct performance evaluations on campus staff
  • Supervise the methods of student evaluation to ensure compliance with College requirements
  • Meet with students and prospective students upon request to discuss programs, the Colleges expectations of the student, and offer guidance to other organization or community resources
  • Participate in the student appeal process when required
  • Preserve the integrity and security of the examination system
  • Participate on committees relating to the educational program

Financial Accountability

  • Prepare product orders from vendors to be approved by head office
  • Balance cash and complete the batch close daily
  • Report financial discrepancies the Accounting Manager and President
  • Order product from vendors
  • Balance cash and complete the batch close daily


  • Hire and train Hairstyling and Esthetic employees for your campus location
  • Review and authorize payroll for Campus staff and Faculty each pay run
  • Establish the class schedules, assign instructors and facilities for each program in advance
  • Monitor student attendance and follow College attendance management procedures
  • Assist with tracking student hours in accordance with college procedures
  • Manage the student discipline process
  • Maintain student files
  • Develop an educational plan for returning students to complete their program
  • Carry out appropriate disciplinary action, within college procedures, towards staff and/or students when required
  • Recommend students that have met program requirements for graduation to the College President
  • Participate in the organization of the graduation ceremonies
  • Attend graduation ceremonies
  • Retain updated course outlines for all programs offered at the Campus
  • Assist with the development of policies and procedures that are consistent with the philosophy of the organization and Ministry requirements
  • Implement and follow the policies and procedures established by the College
  • Ensure staff are notified and trained on applicable new or amended policies and procedures
  • Participate in meetings with staff when required
  • Chair faculty and/or administrative meetings when required
  • Participate in student orientations
  • Lead new hire onboarding process


  • Teach students using a systematic plan that consists of lectures, demonstrations, discussion groups, interactive activities, independent and group projects
  • Inform students, beforehand, of the basis upon which their performance will be evaluated;
  • Organize and effectively use classroom and clinic time
  • Use instruction techniques/methods that recognize and take into account needs and learning capacities of students
  • Modify techniques during instruction in response to the needs of the students
  • Assist students in developing efficient learning skills and work habits
  • Ensure all course objectives and modules are taught according to the program schedules
  • Implement course outlines and daily breakdowns
  • Modify course outlines in light of the needs of the students
  • Establish an appropriate atmosphere in the classroom which is conducive to learning
  • Maintain fair, firm and consistent discipline with the students
  • Regularly monitor student progress and adjust courses accordingly
  • Perform checks and provide feedback to students performing services on mannequins and clients
  • Prepare teaching materials and outlines for courses
  • Prepare, administer and mark tests and papers to evaluate students’ progress
  • Provide individualized tutorial or remedial instruction to students who require it
  • Supervise independent or group projects and hands-on training
  • Responsible for monitoring student product consumption and minimizing wastage
  • Base the evaluation of students on the guidelines established by the College
  • Ensure that the evaluation of students is appropriate;
  • Keep accurate and complete records of student performance
  • Ensure all evaluation records are regularly updated on the college’s electronic server;
  • Prepare final examinations in accordance with guidelines established on the course outline
  • Provide timely feedback to students regarding academic progress


  • Represent the College at school-related functions and within the community
  • Assist the program managers with their ongoing efforts to promote our students to employers
  • Participate in promotional activities to increase public awareness of the College and its programs to the public and potential students


  • Ensure admission and financial documentation is complete before accepting the student into the program. For all exceptions; a note must be entered into the student file and the President must be notified in writing.


  • Adhere to the OSAP standards and requirements
  • Review and recommend changes to policies and procedures to meet OSAP standards
  • Liaise with academic personnel regarding OSAP-related issues while maintaining confidentiality of OSAP information

Program Development

  • Liaise with President regarding new programming ideas
  • Recommend new programs for development
  • Participate in curriculum development
  • Make recommendations to the admissions standards for campus programs
  • Assist with the preparation for submissions to the Ministry for new program offerings as requested.


  • Maintain complete and accurate documentation in areas of responsibility
  • Prepare reports for President as requested
  • Stay informed about changes and innovations in your field
  • Complete salon services on the retail sector when required
  • Assist with customer service at the front desk when required
  • Answer phone and maintain professional standards when speaking to clients and students
  • Respond promptly to inquiries from Head Office personnel
  • Responsible to open and close the Modern Campus
  • Other duties as assigned



College Diploma in Hairstyling or Esthetics required.


The successful candidate should have previous experience within a salon setting and management experience. Teaching experience would be considered an asset.


  1. Familiar with Private Career Colleges
  2. Private Career Colleges Act
  3. Accessibility of Ontarians Disability Act – Customer Service Standard
  4. Employment standards act
  5. Financial; Point of sale, Accounts Receivable, Accounts payable


  1. Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Google Mail, Docs, Calendar, and Hangouts
  3. Skype
  4. Moodle


  1. Work with competing priorities and deadlines
  2. Communicate with internal staff and external staff
  3. Deliver lectures
  4. Demonstrate Hairstyling or Esthetic skills
  5. Conduct yourself professionally at all times

Working Conditions

  1. Position location: Sudbury, Ontario
  2. Work environment: Salon, classroom, and office setting
  3. Hours of work: 40 hours per week
  4. Schedule of work is typically 8:00am – 4:00pm, Wednesdays are 9:00am – 6:00pm


The successful candidate can expect a competitive compensation package based on education and experience and will consist of a starting hourly wage between $21-$25, performance bonuses, and medical benefits to begin upon successful completion of their probationary period.


Please submit your cover letter and resume to and identify the position and location that you are applying for in the subject line.

CTS Canadian Career College and Modern College of Hairstyling and Esthetics is an equal opportunity employer.